The ONE Way of Doing Business

At ONE, we’re one of a kind.

We’re client-focused. We’re creative. We’re collaborative.

“There are no curtains to pull back at ONE,” Principal Eli Holland stresses. “We tackle our mission by effective communication and collaboration both in-house and with our clientele.”

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to scramble, the ONE team had transitioned to cloud services, laptops and wireless cards. The reasoning behind our proactive approach to technology nearly six years ago stemmed from our growth. While we’ve always been headquartered in Richmond, ONE has opened multiple satellite offices spread throughout the MidAtlantic and Southeast over the years. In order to be effective and efficient on behalf of our clients, we knew we needed a streamlined approach to keep everyone connected and mobile. Additionally, operating satellite offices has allowed us to continue to attract the top professionals in the field and retain them.

“We went where the talent was rather than having the talent come to us,” Holland says.

Today ONE doesn’t just rely on state-of-the-art technology to further collaboration among team members. While using the latest tools does contribute to improving our employees’ work-life balance, ultimately, it’s our clients who benefit the most. Happy, healthy employees are essential to delivering cost-effective deliverables in a timely manner. We do our best by our employees who in turn give their best to our clients

ONE’s mobility and cloud offerings provide a streamlined path for communication, file sharing, and collaboration similar to what we see in-house.  Large files are seamlessly transferred and living files (both from the field and office) are shared, allowing our clients to follow progress in real time.

Technology isn’t stagnant and neither are we. That’s why we’ve solidified relationships with cutting-edge application developers who consistently seek better options for custom applications that track compliance, field services, decommissioning, commissioning, etc. We understand how critical it is for our clients to be in the loop in real time.

By embracing collaboration, we are ONE in tackling the challenges that pose a wide array of environmental issues to our clients. Our team members are committed to clients in a personalized way that a large corporation cannot match.

One client. One project. ONE team. That’s our way of doing business.