Sheridan Ferrand

Sheridan Ferrand

Junior Project Manager

Sheridan Ferrand’s parents used to ask her if they could change the channel once in a while. They grew tired of The Weather Channel.

“That’s all I wanted to watch growing up,” Sheridan says.

Sheridan’s love of atmospheric science laid the foundation for a future related to the environment. She is the newest addition to ONE Environmental Group’s Atlanta office, where she is a Junior Project Manager and Certified Radon Measurement Professional.

“I love that ONE is such a close-knit company, that there’s not a lot of red tape to get your work done,” says Sheridan, whose early focus has been Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. “It’s so nice that everybody is willing to help out.”

Sheridan graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. She has worked in the environmental consulting industry since March 2017 and spent 3½ years at her previous employer before starting at ONE in January 2022.

Sheridan and her husband, Alex, reside in Martinez, Georgia with their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Kirby. She has a knack for DIY interior decorating and is an avid reader. And yes, Sheridan remains a wannabe storm chaser, whose fascination with weather patterns and phenomena  dates back to watching the sci-fi flick “The Day After Tomorrow.”

“During high school, I took AP Environmental Science,” she says. “I decided to major in it in college because it encompassed atmospheric science but also allowed me to do other things.”

That turned into the right choice, because in college, Sheridan also developed a love for geology and water quality. Sheridan works remotely for ONE and anticipates traveling regularly for the company.