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ONE Team in Charlotte Office Embraces Cancer Fundraiser Together

When ONE Environmental Consultant Kaitlynn Bryan-Scaggs took on the Southeast 40 Mile Colorectal Cancer Challenge that benefits the American Cancer Society, it was in honor of her grandmother, Linda, who beat the disease decades ago.

The fundraiser called for walking, running or cycling 40 miles during March 2022. March is Colorectal Cancer Month, which calls attention to the third most common cancer in the United States. Casual conversation among Bryan-Scaggs and her co-workers in ONE’s Charlotte office sparked an idea.

“Why don’t we make it a group thing?” Environmental Consultant Austin Meyer suggested.

The ONE team in the Charlotte office — Meyer, Jenny Tang and Elli Woodward, also environmental consultants; and Founding Principal Eli Holland —joined Bryan-Scaggs, each working to compile 40 miles and soliciting donations to support the cause. Members from ONE’s other offices have contributed.

“We’re keeping each other accountable, and there’s a little friendly competition, too,” said Bryan-Scaggs, who has reached the 16-mile mark by jogging through her neighborhood.

Bryan-Scaggs visits her grandmother, 75 today, several times a month. She’s grateful to have a grandma who beat cancer, and she appreciates the support she received from everyone at ONE.

“We’re a close knit group,” she said. “It makes you feel good when other people have the same idea as you. It adds to the feeling of camaraderie we have here in the Charlotte office.”

To support the fundraiser, visit this link.