Noah Sacks

Environmental Consultant

Noah Sacks joined ONE Environmental Group’s Charlotte office in August 2023. His focus is industrial compliance.

Noah graduated from NC State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. He initially followed an engineering path there until a horticulture general education elective reminded him how much he enjoyed the natural sciences. He completed an internship at NC State in urban tree coverage that was especially rewarding.

During his first 16 months after graduation, Noah served in a geotechnical role for a Raleigh company that gave him a foundation in field services and client management. He sought a career position more closely aligned with environmental science and his commitment to the preservation of our natural resources. He found both at ONE.

“My passion lies in environmental stewardship and keeping everything in check,” Noah says. “I can do that in my role at ONE and the close-knit culture that the company has is a huge draw for me. I like that ONE takes an individualized approach to each client instead of following a standard model.”

As a newbie to Charlotte, the Raleigh native is having fun exploring the city in his free time. He regularly partakes in the local music scene with friends and is always game for visiting a new craft brewery. Noah is hoping to travel more, particularly to the western United States where he enjoyed family vacations as a youngster.