Hannah Tyler with Horse

Hannah Tyler

Environmental Consultant

Her parents were Navy helicopter pilots, and her brother joined the Air Force. Hannah Tyler thought about a military career but charted her own path in the environmental field. The Eastern Shore native who grew up in Virginia Beach earned her undergraduate degree from N.C. State University. Initially a chemistry major, she changed her focus to Crop Biotechnology after enjoying soil science classes and working in the soil science lab at the university.

“I always wanted to work outdoors,” she says. “It was just about finding a career that allowed me to do that and have it afford me the lifestyle I wanted. I didn’t know I wanted to go into the environmental arena growing up but it kind of found me and it’s all worked out.”

Hannah completed multiple internships at NC State, working for the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory and in the Genomic Engineering Department, where the focus was genetically engineering mosquitoes for prevention.

Hannah joined ONE Environmental Group’s Richmond office in June 2023 and handles compliance and permitting.

“I like the community that ONE is,” she says. “I enjoy the getting-out-in-the-field aspect of the job and intermixing it with office work.”

Hannah took riding lessons as a kid and spends much of her spare time today eventing and competing in dressage with her Quarter Horse, Sunni. She also likes to hike the Appalachian Trail and spend time near the water.