Dylan Gottlieb

Environmental Consultant

ONE Environmental Group Consultant Dylan Gottlieb was a criminal justice major in his sophomore year at University of North Carolina at Charlotte when a sustainability class piqued his interest in the environment.

“I was fascinated with that class and took more classes about groundwater and surface water and atmosphere,” he said. “I learned about the remediation of contaminants and completely switched gears.”

Dylan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Hydrological Sciences. He joined ONE in April 2022 after previous positions at a drilling firm and a plant nursery.

Dylan is based in ONE’s Raleigh location, where his time is divided between working remotely and collecting groundwater and soil samples in the field. In addition, he performs erosion and sediment control inspections.

“This job is exactly what I’ve been looking to do since I graduated,” Dylan said. “I like that I still get my hands dirty, and I get to understand what’s actually happening at the site. Previously, I would do the labor and never learn anything about the why. Now I get to understand what’s in the groundwater, what’s in the soil and what are we going to do about it?”

Dylan’s comfort level at ONE started during his initial interview, which felt like a casual conversation. “It was inviting and comfortable,” he said. “Everyone is really friendly and encouraging. They let me know if I need help with anything, they’re here for me.”

In his free time, Dylan tinkers with cars, including his 2003 silver Corvette that he bought at a salvage auction and a 2001 Subaru Forester. Surfing, paddling and hiking are welcome retreats, and dating back to his days working with plants, he developed an affinity for bonsais. He’s happy to reside in his hometown, where almost all of his family lives, too.