Dave Valentine

Environmental Consultant II 

Dave Valentine joined ONE Environmental Group’s Richmond office in January 2023, and as an Environmental Consultant II, he focuses on stormwater management and sustainability solutions. The Virginia Tech alumnus will complete his Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) along with a Graduate Certificate from Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability this December. 

“I’m excited to learn from the team at ONE to develop new skills and transition from the construction to the industrial side of environmental compliance,” he said. “The cohort-based graduate program focuses on practicing systems leadership, applying social science theory, targeting personal development and understanding the technical components of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). It’s a lot of collaborative teamwork to solve complicated problems with effective system-based solutions. I want to apply some of that back internally to the team at ONE.” 

Dave grew up next to Great Falls Park in Potomac, Maryland, “where I can honestly hike the Billy Goat Trail with my eyes closed because I’ve done it so many times,” he said. 

After two summers working in environmental consulting in Washington, D.C., he moved out west to try something new. He found a niche in outdoor recreation, and for 10 years, coached an Alpine Ski Program at a Lake Tahoe resort. He also dabbled in environmental restoration and stormwater management and went on to become a Certified Personal Trainer, managing a luxury fitness club. 

Dave is happy to be back east where he’s closer to family and excited about working at ONE. “It’s a small company that is doing big things,” he said. “There is an authenticity that I’ve gotten from the people I’ve worked with, and it’s nice being in a culture where people say what they mean and do so respectfully. I see a synergy with their knowledge and knowing where I’m coming from and looking to go. It seemed like a great fit.” 

Dave met his wife, Danica, playing beach volleyball in Lake Tahoe. They have one daughter, Delaney, 19 months. They love being outdoors together where they enjoy hiking, skiing and paddleboarding.