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Due Diligence for 125,000+ acres of Forestland

Spanning twelve counties in Virginia, the ONE team completed due diligence work for over 125,00 acres of forestland in accordance with ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process for Forestland or Rural Property (ASTM E 2247-08).

Due diligence activities were completed to identify and record existing, potential, or suspect conditions that may impose an environmental liability to, or restrict the use of, the properties.

Although reportedly undeveloped and wooded for at least 30 years, ONE’s use of historical aerial photographs and topographic map research as well as thorough interviews of local forestry management personnel and state and county regulatory personnel identified former structures, camp sites, and cemeteries on the properties. ONE also utilized Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and Google Earth imaging to create high quality figures.

The following tasks were completed for this due diligence project:

  • Review of Site information including tract maps, aerial photography, and any known historical use;
  • Records Review including regulatory database searches, local file searches, state regulatory agencies, and topographic maps;
  • Site Reconnaissance including accessible interior roads, previously identified structures, property borders, and adjacent properties; and
  • Interviews with Knowledgeable Parties including the owner/operator of the tracts of land, state agencies, and local health and building departments.

Additionally, during site reconnaissance activities, ONE identified an underground storage tank (UST) and was contracted to oversee the removal and closure of that tank.