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Stream Restoration

The ONE Team provides a wide variety of stream restoration services that may be necessary as a result of natural disasters, upland disturbances and developmental processes that lead to erosion and/or general engineered failure.

Taking into account water body hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphic conditions and potential physical barriers, the ONE team assesses the channel dynamics that are essential to restoration.

Permitting is essential, and ONE has the experience to ensure that all the proper permits are in place prior to work to ensure that the project runs smoothly and in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

Examples of our stream restoration services have included the following:

  • Conceptual Plan Development
  • Water Body Investigation
  • Dam Closure and Breach Plan
    • Emergency Action Plan (Class C)
    • Sediment investigation
    • Engineering and construction plan development
    • Water drainage/channel engineering and construction
    • Biological species removal and relocation
    • Permitting Data Package Submittals (USACE) and local regulatory authority
  • Bank Stabilization
    • Implementation of erosion and sediment control measures in accordance with permit
    • Synthetic geofabric/textile and riprap 
  • Flow and sediment monitoring
  • General earthwork – excavation/grading
  • Reapplication of groundcover