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From Field to Final Report: Using Technology to Modernize Environmental Consulting

A generation ago, conventional wisdom said things should be built to last. But with the explosion of technology ever the past couple of decades, businesses of all types are learning they must be built to change.

This includes the environmental consulting and services industry. Leaders in this industry have learned to adapt their high-touch business model to incorporate technology in ways that strengthens client relations and elevate the client experience.

ONE Environmental has strategically embraced a variety of technology, putting the latest software and hardware to use in our everyday work environment. For us, collaboration and transparency are table stakes. We deliver on our mission by effectively collaborating and communicating across geographies, both in-house and with our clientele.

More than five years ago, we started transitioning to cloud services, making our mission-critical apps available anywhere from our laptops and wireless cards. With satellite offices spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, these devices gave us a streamlined approach to keep everyone connected, mobile, and with secure access to important files.

The satellite office strategy further extended our ability to recruit and retain talent in local markets. In-house messaging and file sharing applications also supported our collaborative nature, particularly when teams in two separate locations work on shared projects.

Today, ONE Environmental continues to use the latest technology to enhance our valued employees’ work/life balance and further define of our technical prowess. For our clients, this ultimately translates into faster turn-around times and more cost-effective deliverables.

ONE’s usage of mobile apps and cloud services also leads to streamlined communication, file sharing, and collaboration externally with clients. Large files are seamlessly transferred and living files are set up so clientele can follow progress in real time – from the field to the office. 

Here are a few examples of applications the ONE Environmental team currently uses:

  • XForms – A powerful field data collection tool.
  • Airtable – For cloud collaboration.
  • Quire – Great project management tool for remote teams.
  • Microsoft Teams – The business communication platform built into Microsoft 365.
  • Slack – The messaging platform designed for business.
  • QNOPY – A mobile data collection app that takes, stores, and validates environmental field data.
  • TeamGantt – A cloud-based Gantt chart and project planning tool.

And we’re just getting started. As technology continues to evolve, we’ve positioned ourselves to change with it and take full advantage of it for clients. We’ve solidified relationships with application developers who can build custom apps for clients to track compliance, field services, decommissioning, commissioning, and other activities, to name a few.

More than ever, technology is crucial in our day-to-day operations, ensuring our clients get maximum value and results from their relationship with ONE Environmental.