Hillary Goodell, PE

Senior Project Manager

Hillary Goodell joins the ONE team with a wealth of experience on remediation projects and an appreciation for working at a small firm that will afford the opportunity to consult on a number of different projects. Her background includes investigation and remediation of VOC plumes, pesticides, PFAS compounds and petroleum releases. ONE Principal Eli Holland has been a mentor to her for years, and she’s happy to work with him and be part of a team that places its trust in its staff, junior associates included.  “That’s a really great environment to come into, a place where the leadership and managers trust everyone to succeed,” says Hillary, who will work remotely from Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Hudson Valley, New York, native jokes that she’s a failed marine biologist after earning her degree in that field from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. She didn’t have the mindset to tackle more years of school after graduation so instead went to work as a field technician at an environmental consulting firm. That opened up a career path she had never considered and later prompted her to return to college to earn an associate degree in engineering and later acquire her license as a Professional Engineer in North Carolina.

When not working, Hillary is usually outdoors, tending to a robust vegetable garden or enjoying her 5-year-old son, Nat, and the family dog, Sunny, a black and white mutt. Hillary and husband Paul love to pile everyone into their travel trailer for kayaking, hiking and camping excursions.

One Environmental worker wearing company vest

Brenna Frank

Environmental Consultant

Brenna Frank fell in love with the outdoors growing up in South Miami. She calls herself “a swamp person,” who regularly volunteered at bay, beach and Everglades cleanups alongside her family.

So much time outdoors laid the foundation for Brenna to attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geographic Information Sciences in 2021. She completed a GIS internship at Cape Fear River Watch, where the water sampling skills she acquired as a volunteer came in handy.

Brenna was hired at ONE Environmental Group in May 2022, and as an Environmental Consultant, performs due diligence assessments. She works remotely in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Brenna is grateful for the accommodating culture at ONE that prioritizes work-life balance. She is the mother to two elementary-aged children, and they share two dogs, a Goldendoodle and American Bulldog.

Brenna recently completed three months of hiking along the Mountain-to-Sea Trail that stretches 1,175 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks. The adventure included seeing bears, elk, otters and an eastern diamondback rattlesnake up close in addition to participating in a horse rescue. Brenna and her children also collect snails together and maintain three terrariums.

The ONE Way of Doing Business

At ONE, we’re one of a kind.

We’re client-focused. We’re creative. We’re collaborative.

“There are no curtains to pull back at ONE,” Principal Eli Holland stresses. “We tackle our mission by effective communication and collaboration both in-house and with our clientele.”

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to scramble, the ONE team had transitioned to cloud services, laptops and wireless cards. The reasoning behind our proactive approach to technology nearly six years ago stemmed from our growth. While we’ve always been headquartered in Richmond, ONE has opened multiple satellite offices spread throughout the MidAtlantic and Southeast over the years. In order to be effective and efficient on behalf of our clients, we knew we needed a streamlined approach to keep everyone connected and mobile. Additionally, operating satellite offices has allowed us to continue to attract the top professionals in the field and retain them.

“We went where the talent was rather than having the talent come to us,” Holland says.

Today ONE doesn’t just rely on state-of-the-art technology to further collaboration among team members. While using the latest tools does contribute to improving our employees’ work-life balance, ultimately, it’s our clients who benefit the most. Happy, healthy employees are essential to delivering cost-effective deliverables in a timely manner. We do our best by our employees who in turn give their best to our clients

ONE’s mobility and cloud offerings provide a streamlined path for communication, file sharing, and collaboration similar to what we see in-house.  Large files are seamlessly transferred and living files (both from the field and office) are shared, allowing our clients to follow progress in real time.

Technology isn’t stagnant and neither are we. That’s why we’ve solidified relationships with cutting-edge application developers who consistently seek better options for custom applications that track compliance, field services, decommissioning, commissioning, etc. We understand how critical it is for our clients to be in the loop in real time.

By embracing collaboration, we are ONE in tackling the challenges that pose a wide array of environmental issues to our clients. Our team members are committed to clients in a personalized way that a large corporation cannot match.

One client. One project. ONE team. That’s our way of doing business.

Dylan Gottlieb

Environmental Consultant

ONE Environmental Group Consultant Dylan Gottlieb was a criminal justice major in his sophomore year at University of North Carolina at Charlotte when a sustainability class piqued his interest in the environment.

“I was fascinated with that class and took more classes about groundwater and surface water and atmosphere,” he said. “I learned about the remediation of contaminants and completely switched gears.”

Dylan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Hydrological Sciences. He joined ONE in April 2022 after previous positions at a drilling firm and a plant nursery.

Dylan is based in ONE’s Raleigh location, where his time is divided between working remotely and collecting groundwater and soil samples in the field. In addition, he performs erosion and sediment control inspections.

“This job is exactly what I’ve been looking to do since I graduated,” Dylan said. “I like that I still get my hands dirty, and I get to understand what’s actually happening at the site. Previously, I would do the labor and never learn anything about the why. Now I get to understand what’s in the groundwater, what’s in the soil and what are we going to do about it?”

Dylan’s comfort level at ONE started during his initial interview, which felt like a casual conversation. “It was inviting and comfortable,” he said. “Everyone is really friendly and encouraging. They let me know if I need help with anything, they’re here for me.”

In his free time, Dylan tinkers with cars, including his 2003 silver Corvette that he bought at a salvage auction and a 2001 Subaru Forester. Surfing, paddling and hiking are welcome retreats, and dating back to his days working with plants, he developed an affinity for bonsais. He’s happy to reside in his hometown, where almost all of his family lives, too.

Larson Wolfe

Environmental Consultant

Larson Wolfe originally planned to be an engineer but discovered the Integrated Science and Technology major at James Madison University. The combination of sciences and critical thinking appealed to him and laid the foundation for the Environmental Consultant position he accepted at ONE Environmental Group in April 2022.

Larson grew up in Chesterfield County in suburban Richmond, where, as a three-sport athlete, he starred in football, wrestling and lacrosse. He visited multiple schools and attracted Ivy League interest before deciding on JMU, following in the footsteps of his brother, Logan.

“I always wanted to go to JMU, and I really liked the major because it’s not just focused on one area. You got exposed to the science and the tech world,” Larson said. “It creates these broad problem solvers.”

Larson works remotely based in ONE’s Richmond location, focusing on the environmental side of the energy industry. He spends roughly half of his time in the field developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and ensuring hazardous materials meet Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and EPA safety standards.

“Everyone at ONE has been super helpful,” Larson said. “There’s not any closed doors. Everyone helps everyone else, true to the ONE team theme. I also like the diversity of industries and sectors I’ve been exposed to.”

Outside of work, Larson loses himself in electric guitar, which he has played for years, and is a gym rat who enjoys fishing and golf.

Nuclear radiation symbol painted on wall

Radiation Services: Addressing the Invisible Hazard Around Us

Radioactive material is fairly common in nature, and it is usually harmless in that state. In fact, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) exist all around us at harmless doses. However, when NORM becomes concentrated due to human activity, it is called Technologically Enhanced NORM (TENORM), and it is often subject to government regulations.

For example, most all earth moving, mining, and drilling activities involve NORM and the build-up of this material creates TENORM. Many other industries and processes are affected by TENROM as well, such as pulp and paper, phosphate fertilizer production, coal combustion, water and sewage treatment, and the medical industry. It is likely that more industries will be impacted by radiation regulations in the future.

Facilities must be safe and comply with myriad radiation regulations, standards, and practices. This can be a challenging and extremely complicated undertaking. Radiation sources must be monitored and handled properly, something that is best left up to experts.

The ONE Environmental team provides a variety of radiation safety, assessment, monitoring, and compliance services in accordance with NRC, OSHA, EPA, DOT, and applicable state regulations.

ONE Environmental has vast experience providing radiation management services. These include comprehensive radiation survey programs and monitoring and the disposal of construction materials, such as the fire brick used in furnaces and certain types of ceramics, to ensure site compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations while helping to protect workers and the environment.

ONE also provides nuclear gauge services, including required leak tests, shutter tests, and inventory audits for compliance and reporting purposes. The ONE team can facilitate maintenance and service on variety of gauge models, ensuring they meet operational and safety requirements.

For organizations required to monitor their employees’ exposure to radiation, ONE can help establish and implement dosimetry monitoring programs. ONE can also conduct equipment and personnel contamination surveys.

Phase I Environmental Assessments are also part of ONE’s radiation services portfolio, helping organizations confidently evaluate the environmental risk or liability associated with a real estate transaction to avoid costly mistakes.

By offering radiation services backed by years of experience and best practices, ONE Environmental is able to help clients minimize costs, maintain compliance, and maximize safety – bringing peace of mind during increasingly challenging regulatory climates.