Extensive asbestos removal project complete

ONE completed an extensive removal of asbestos (ASB) containing flooring and pipe insulation in a large corporate office setting.  The ONE Team worked closely with the Client and Remediation Contractor to initiate removal activities within weeks and coordinated removal activities after business hours and on weekends in phases to remove the ASB while allowing business operations to proceed in a safe environment.  Nearly 6,000 square feet of non-friable Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) and associated mastic as well as friable pipe insulation was removed.

Emily Forbes speaks at the RTP Alliance of Hazardous Materials

Emily Forbes of ONE gave a speech at the RTP Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professional Chapter today (3/15/17). Emily was a recipient of the Environmental Scholarship Award from the AHMP-RTP Chapter in August 2011, and at that time she was a junior at NC State in the College of Natural Resources, majoring in Environmental Technology and Management. As part of her speech to the group, Emily provided an overview of her career at ONE since graduating in May 2013 and a few highlights are provided below:

“I began working with ONE in June 2013 and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The company is smaller in stature fluctuating between 15 and 20 employees; however, by utilizing teaming agreements with environmental specialists and larger firms our work load spans across the US, all the while keeping our immediate “house” small enough to offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. It’s an interesting model but I get it. In fact, working with a smaller firm has allowed me to understand not only the regulatory and technical aspects of the job but the business side of a consulting firm as well.

From a personal growth perspective, a smaller firm has its benefits as well. The size of the company has allowed me to intimately work with and get to know all my coworkers be it entry-level employees, project managers or the owners. I can honestly say that I have worked with each individual within the company on one or more projects.

I feel lucky to work for a firm that is small enough that I don’t feel like a cog in a machine all the while expanding my knowledge base through diversity of projects and, most importantly, opportunity.”

Emily did a great job describing the culture and spirit at ONE. This culture is the foundation of our small but growing business, and we are honored to have Emily on our team!

Allison Russell attends SPCC & Stormwater Compliance Workshop

Allison Russell of ONE’s Richmond, Virginia office recently attended the SPCC & Stormwater Compliance Workshop, hosted and taught by EPA Alliance, on February 22-24, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Alli supports ONE’s industrial compliance program and does a significant amount of work preparing SPCC Plans and SWPPP documents and wanted to take a course to further develop her working knowledge of the regulations behind these plans.

Alli offered the following feedback on this course:

“This course focused on the many applications of SPCC and stormwater permitting and planning within the environmental compliance community. We reviewed the history of the applicable federal regulations and how they are defined today. Additionally, we discussed the major facility applications of these regulations, such as inspections, plan writing and maintenance, and training.”

McCoy and Associates RCRA Training Course

Emily Forbes of ONE’s Raleigh, North Carolina office recently attended the McCoy and Associates 31 Hour RCRA Training Course in Virginia Beach. Emily offered the following feedback on this RCRA course:

“The McCoy training was a great resource and opened my eyes to the complexities of hazardous waste management. With the McCoy seminar and on the job training, I can now assist clients with hazardous waste storage, recordkeeping, training, emergency plans, and preparation for audits.”