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Emily Forbes

Meet Emily Forbes, Project Manager

Emily Forbes works only a few miles from where she grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a Project Manager for ONE Environmental Group, she likes that she’s able to do a bit of everything, including erosion and sediment control audits for construction sites, due diligence and stormwater pollution prevention and spill control plans. She’s been with the company since 2013.

Emily Forbes

“I’m out in the field one or two days a week, and I love that,” Emily says. “I’ve stayed at ONE because I really like the team. I especially like the leaders. They’re great to work for. The ONE team isn’t just lip service. They really live it.”

An AP environmental science course led her to major in environmental technology and management at North Carolina State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

A study abroad program she completed in summer 2011 in Sweden, Finland and Estonia focused on forestry, energy, agriculture and water resources.

Emily never wanted to leave the outdoors as a youngster, growing up with her identical twin sister, Amelia, as her favorite playmate.

She recently discovered cooking as a hobby but spends most of her free time romping outdoors with her black Labrador, Banjo. They enjoy Olmstead Place State Park and Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. Emily is engaged and planning a fall 2021 wedding.

Meet Kyle Blandford

Meet Kyle Blandford, REM, Project Manager

Meet Kyle Blandford

Outdoors enthusiast Kyle Blandford regards himself as a simple guy who is not a fan of office politics. That’s among the many reasons why he never wants to leave ONE Richmond Group, which he calls “a small company with no headquarters drama. It’s just full of lots of good people.”

The Newport News native earned his bachelor’s in environmental science at the College of William and Mary. He held project management positions for several companies before settling in at ONE in 2012. He manages multiple projects, including due diligence, industrial hygiene and brownfields.

Kyle and his wife, Beth Anne, have two sons, Drew and Eric, and they dote on their rescue dog, Captain. He still takes every opportunity to be outdoors whether it’s for sailing on the Northern Neck, hiking, mountain biking or camping.

Meet Kyle Blandford

Meet Kevin McKeon, Environmental Consultant

Kevin McKeon, Environmental Consultant

Kevin McKeon joined the ONE Environmental Group Norfolk office in February 2020, where he specializes in industrial compliance, erosion and sediment control, industrial stormwater and spill prevention control.

“I really like the flexibility of the company — the work-home balance,” Kevin says. “As long as you take care of what needs to be taken care of, it’s extremely flexible.”

The Richmond native graduated from Bridgewater College with a bachelor’s in environmental science.

The Eagles’ offensive lineman was named an Old Dominion Athletic Conference Academic All-American his senior season.

Kevin and his partner, Molly, have a 9-month-old son, Ronan and a lab mix, Marlow.

He enjoys shore fishing, hiking and living by the water.

Meet Eli Holland, PG, Principal

Eli Holland envisioned a business set apart from the masses by both the level of service it provides to clients and its ability to foster community, family and growth among its employees.

As a founding Principal of ONE Environmental Group, he wanted to create something unique.

“It came down to building something that services the clients better, and that’s there 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Eli says. “We really try to pick the best of the best employees and really want to put them in a position to succeed.”

Eli embraces what he calls the “trickle up” mantra. “We’re not top-down,” he says. “We guide. We rely heavily on our employees and the relationships we have with them. If they’re doing good work and they’re succeeding, they’re happy mentally, physically and emotionally, then ultimately that serves our clients and projects well.”

The professional geologist who earned his bachelor’s degree at Oklahoma State University embraces his role in business development and client relations. It’s a side of himself he discovered when he thought veterinary medicine might be his future. While working as a vet technician, Eli realized he was drawn more to the finance side of the business than the science.

“That fostered the business side in me, and I could probably draw a line to my interest in that on the consulting side of things, too,” he says.

Eli recently left the Raleigh office for the Asheville one, ideal given its proximity to clients in both Carolinas and Atlanta. He’s regularly on the road and in the field and enjoys a career where no two days are alike.

In his free time, you’ll find Eli mountain biking, camping and hiking in the Asheville mountains. He and his wife, Lindsay, have two daughters, Gemma and Mazzy, in addition to what he calls “a zoo”: two dogs, a cat and two fish.

Meet Austen Meyer, Environmental Consultant

Austen Meyer works mainly with industrial clients at ONE Environmental Group, where his specialties include state and federal reporting and the impact of refrigerants and ozone depleting substances on the environment. He enjoys the company culture that fosters a team approach.

“We’re small, but we’re just as competitive as any firm because everyone focuses on different areas, and we all have our overlaps,” he says. “All of us know generally about all environmental topics, but if there’s a specific question I don’t know, I can just pick up the phone and get the answer right away.”

The Chicago native grew up cognizant of the need to recycle and do his part to better the planet for the next generation. He earned a bachelor’s in environmental studies from Texas Christian University and a master’s in environmental planning and management from Johns Hopkins University.

Prior to starting at ONE in September 2019, Austen worked for three years at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia focusing primarily on air quality.

Austen and his wife, Terryn, are parents to a toddler, Wesley. They enjoy exploring Charlotte’s parks and trails in their free time.

Meet Jenny Tang, Environmental Consultant

Jenny Tang specializes in due diligence for property acquisitions at ONE Environmental Group, a role that enables her to travel frequently.

“Our clients purchase nationally, and that requires me to hop on flights regularly,” she says. “This job has definitely brought me to different cities that I never thought I’d have a chance to see.” Denver and San Diego have become favorites.

When not traveling, Jenny immerses herself in the research component of the job, which calls for her to examine any potential environmental liability that could fall to the client. She worked remotely long before it became the new norm.

“I really enjoy the flexibility of the job,” she says. “The people in the company are a tight-knit group. We’re pretty particular when we hire because one person can cause a ripple effect across the whole group, and we really lean on each other to collaborate on all of our projects.”

Jenny followed the pre-veterinary tract at North Carolina State University prior to shifting directions her  junior year. “I decided I wanted to help the environment they live in instead,” she says. She graduated with a bachelor’s in environmental technology and management.

The Rockville, Maryland, native is fluent in Laos and Thai. During her off hours, Jenny romps outdoors with her beagle/corgi mix, Bailey, and her pit bull terrier, Brodie. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to ski, fish or camp.