Arrowhead will be featured on “World’s Greatest TV Show”

We are so excited to announce that one of our key partners, Arrowhead Environmental, will be featured on a show called “World’s Greatest!”  The segment will air two times on a cable or satellite provider near you.  The schedule and channel list are below.   Find your channel below or, find your local channel here.

***The program could be listed as “PAID PROGAMMING” on your on-screen TV guide.***

Spectrum – Charter146/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DIRECTV49 or 3056/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DISH NETWORK49 or 2506/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Comcast XFINITY646/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DIRECTV3056/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DISH NETWORK2506/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Cavalier Telephone And TV386/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Comcast XFINITYNot available6/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Verizon FiOS15 or 515 (HD)6/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DIRECTV3056/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DISH NETWORK2506/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Cox Communications496/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
Verizon FiOS15 or 515 (HD)6/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DIRECTV49 or 3056/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST
DISH NETWORK49 or 2506/25/18 & 7/9/186A EST

2017 Customer Appreciation Party

ONE hosted the Annual Customer Appreciation Party on November 16th at McCormick’s Big Whiskey Grill.  THANKS to the 100+ in attendance, and most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our clientele!  We are blessed and could not do what we do without your trust and support.

ONE’s Jenny Tang attends Environmental Awareness Bootcamp

Jenny Tang of ONE’s Charlotte, North Carolina office recently attended the Environmental Awareness Bootcamp, hosted and taught by EPA Alliance, on August 29 through September 1, 2017 in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Jenny supports ONE’s environmental compliance program implementing the use of both state and federal regulations to conduct audits and inspections, prepare site specific plans, complete field investigative tasks, and generate personalized environmental reports. To receive a refresher and stay up to date on the current regulations, this course was at the top of her list.

Jenny offered the following feedback on this course:

“This course focused on a number of federal regulations that could be applied to and impact a facility. There was a framework of over 20 topics including detailed lessons on subjects such as the CAA, CWA, RCRA, TSCA, Environmental Reporting, ISO 14001 and many more. The course provided a review of the history behind these regulations with an evaluation of their progression over time. Once the foundation of these everchanging standards were covered, we got right down to business into identifying their applicability to both individual and general facilities. I found the entire course to be very beneficial and appreciated the vast variety of topics we discussed. The run through of so many regulations ensured that the ones specific to our clients would be covered plus some. It was quick enough to get that refresher, but also detailed enough to receive those vital updates.”

ONE assists the City of Lynchburg

ONE recently assisted the City of Lynchburg in finalizing a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion for Remediation of a Parks and Recreation property within the auspices of the Virginia Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). ONE was involved in the project from the site conceptual model (CSM) through site characterization, risk assessment, remediation and certificate completion.

Mike Luter featured in Hampton Roads Business Journal

Mike Luter of ONE was recently featured in the Hampton Roads Business Journal. Mike gives back to military veterans each year with the Legacy Ranch Tower Shoot. Click here to read more about Mike and the Legacy Ranch Tower Shoot.

Extensive asbestos removal project complete

ONE completed an extensive removal of asbestos (ASB) containing flooring and pipe insulation in a large corporate office setting.  The ONE Team worked closely with the Client and Remediation Contractor to initiate removal activities within weeks and coordinated removal activities after business hours and on weekends in phases to remove the ASB while allowing business operations to proceed in a safe environment.  Nearly 6,000 square feet of non-friable Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) and associated mastic as well as friable pipe insulation was removed.